Intellectual Property

December 10, 2020
If you have a product or intellectual property you want to license in China, YK Law can help. We’ve helped many clients monetize their intellectual property in China, by authorizing third parties to commercialize the products through technology license or transfer. There are a number of ways you can license your product and protect it...
November 22, 2020
This article will give you an understanding of China’s IP legal landscape and tell you how to design and implement an intellectual property protection strategy in China. It is less expensive for you to act proactively to protect your IP in China rather than be forced to react to instances of infringement, but if infringement...
Is Music Intellectual Property? | YK Law
September 02, 2020
You’ve heard of famous musicians suing other musicians over allegedly stolen music, and vice versa. They are rightly seeking to enforce their intellectual property rights in their original creation. If you have created original music...