Emerging Growth & Technology Practice

Emerging Growth & Technology Practice

The lawyers in our Emerging Growth & Technology Practice advise and assist entrepreneurs and other individuals as they take their next big idea to the marketplace; as well as represent the venture funds and corporate and strategic investors that will invest in these early-stage companies. Our lawyers are often the main source of counsel and advice for these early-stage companies as they navigate the legal landscape of starting a new business and dealing with sophisticated and demanding investors.

These start-ups and early-stage, emerging growth companies are often pioneers in their field and working to be the first to market with a new technology or novel product. As such, our deep expertise in areas such as intellectual property, employment, licensing, financing, and M&A, allows us to help our clients find creative approaches and solutions to legal issues that they may face.

With a global platform, we have advised many non-U.S. companies that have elected to enter the U.S. market, whether to expand, raise investment capital, or seek an exit.  We have also advised many U.S. start-ups and early-stage companies on debt or equity investments from non-U.S. investors.

Start-up & Venture Capital

We work closely with start-up and early-stage, emerging growth companies from formation through the various stages of their financing activities. This includes acting as mentors and judges in several academic and private acceleration and incubation programs such as at Wharton, Columbia and TechStars. We also advise many of the venture capital funds and strategic investors that invest in these early-stage companies. As these start-ups mature, our lawyers continue to advise them in their strategic joint venturing, acquisitions and disposals, and liquidity transactions.  Our lawyers will also counsel those clients through disputes, debt-restructuring, or other difficult situations encountered in their quest to be a unicorn.

R&D Funding and Grants

It is not uncommon for the start-up companies that we advise to have their genesis in the academic world, whether the founders themselves are associated with universities or they receive their initial funding through financial support or grants from universities or governmental agencies.  Our lawyers will counsel these start-up companies with such relationship or have received such funding to deal with issues relating to intellectual property rights or complicity relating to new investors.

Technology Transfer

In the course of advising technology companies or those that are developing emerging technologies, our corporate and intellectual property lawyers work closely together to advise them on obtaining rights to intellectual property that will help speed up their R&D process or to monetize the intellectual property they developed through licensing or transfer.

Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency

As the marketplace becomes more receptive to blockchain technology and digital currency, our lawyers are sought by startups, investors, funds, brokers, advisors, software developers and many others to advise them on this developing area of the law.  We have counseled clients on a variety of matters in connection with blockchain technology and digital currency, including public and private token sales, ATS and exchange registrations, OTC crypto trades, cryptocurrency investment funds, blockchain as a service (BaaS) and other corporate and regulatory matters.

Cannabis Investing & Regulatory

We have a well-established team that has counseled sophisticated investors on the structuring and execution of deploying capital to the cannabis and cannabidiols (CBD) industry. We provide clients with creative and precise solutions that respond to the increasingly sophisticated and complex legal needs of the cannabis/CBD industry. We monitor regulatory developments nationally and counsel clients on the impact of regulatory changes on their business and investments.

Healthcare and Medtech

Healthcare is a complex and fast-changing area of the law especially with new and innovative technologies and devices being introduced to increase efficacy and improve patient care.  Our lawyers advise healthcare and medtech clients on various issues ranging from IP protection to regulatory framework and compliance for new technologies and devices.  For the start-up companies in this space, we work with our clients on fundraising, business structuring, regulatory approval (CE, 510(k) etc.) and many other aspects of creating and bringing a new technology or device to the market.


Although the real estate industry has been traditionally slow to adopt new technologies, that has changed with the development of Real Estate FinTech, Shared Economy and Smart Real Estate. This includes artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and finally blockchain technology which is being used for recording real estate transactions and to crowdfund via tokenization of real estate interests. Our attorneys, who often have a technical background themselves, help startups and investors in PropTech navigate the evolving regulatory environment.

Space Law

While this is a new and developing area of the law, lawyers in our Emerging Growth & Technology Practice advise our clients on space systems, space travel, asteroid mining, environmental space protection, debris removal, space law and policy, application of other innovative technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence, and real estate considerations including asset, property and facility management, insurance concerns, property valuation, leasing, licensing for space navigation, tracking and travel, intellectual property, environmental and heritage matters.

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