Corporate/M&A Practice

Corporate/M&A Practice

Our attorneys provide legal guidance and advice on various aspects of general corporate, M&A, joint venture, investment, technology, financing, and other transactions. Our corporate/M&A team is made up of attorneys with substantial experience counseling clients on domestic, cross-border, and multijurisdictional transactions in both emerging and developed markets.  With a global platform and our deal execution skills and expertise, our corporate/M&A team is able to support our clients seamlessly as they deal with challenges in the global marketplace.

We value the strategic growth of our clients while also remaining keenly aware of their legal interests in connection with a transaction. We aim to go beyond negotiating and structuring deals for our clients and add tangible business value through utilizing our deep knowledge of industry issues, introducing financial options, and leveraging our global network to support clients through opportunities for growth and expansion.

Banking and Financing

Access to capital is vital to our clients as they grow and expand their business.  Our lawyers have advised many clients on bank financing, small business loans, venture financing, and borrowings from other sources.  We help our clients navigate through complex loan documentation, including pledge agreement and other security documents.

Business and Commercial Transactions

Our lawyers advise clients on various business and commercial matters, including operational contract review, strategic alliance, joint venture transactions, and supply and sales transactions. As our clients’ business grow, we work closely with them as the complexity of the transactions that they engage in also increase.

Corporate Advisory and Governance

In our role as legal advisors, we work with our clients from the early stage of their businesses and assist them on various corporate matters, including entity formation and business structuring, employment, stock option plan and executive compensation programs. As our client’s businesses matures, our lawyers also advise them on the reorganization and even winding down of their businesses. We also work with our clients to ensure that corporate actions taken by them are in compliance with applicable rule and regulations, whether internal or external. Our lawyers also advise our client on matters relating to regulatory filings, FCPA compliance and other corporate governance matters.

International Investment and Trade

We work closely with our clients as they seek investment and trade opportunities globally.  Our lawyers have substantial experience and expertise in counseling clients on international and cross-border transactions. Most of our lawyers are bilingual and have practiced in one or more foreign jurisdiction.  For non-U.S. clients exploring investment opportunities in the U.S., we work with these clients to ensure compliance with U.S. regulations, including those involving foreign investment review and export control.

Merger and Acquisition

We have substantial experience advising clients on merger and acquisition transactions, both domestic and cross-border transactions. Our lawyers have advised leading multinational companies on public and private deals, including complex mergers, equity or asset acquisitions and divestitures, and tender offer transactions, involving various industry sectors. We work closely with our clients through the M&A process, from the initial letter of intent, through the due diligence, negotiation and documentation process, and all the way to successful completion.

Small Business Growth Advisory

Many of our clients are small to medium size companies (SMEs) in the growth stage that are looking for lawyers who can offer quality legal services in a cost-effective manner. Our team is well suited to provide corporate advisory services to these SMEs. Our lawyers are experienced practitioners who have represented many large multinational companies and can utilize their experience and expertise to advise and assist SMEs in their growth and expansion.

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