Global Mindset. Local Instinct.

The YK Law Approach

The Gravity and Prestige of BigLaw with the flexibility and efficiency of a solo.

YK Lawyers possess diverse backgrounds and experience and are not only committed to providing the highest quality legal services, but consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.  Our lawyers were senior attorneys and partners with national and international firms before joining YK.  Many of them have also lived and practiced in other parts of the world and have advised both domestic and foreign clients on a variety of legal issues involving transactions that are cross-border and multi-lingual.

“Having a strongly international bent, our lawyers get things done when they need to get done. Many of our clients, who have previously engaged lawyers at the world’s major and most prestigious law firms, are often surprised at the speed, quality, and efficiency with which their work gets handled and resolved by our professionals” – Jesse Weiner, Co-Managing Partner

Client Focused

We pride ourselves on our client-first approach, aiming to be more than just attorneys, but strategic advisors, partners, and advocates for every person or entity with whom we work.  Our lawyers strive to provide innovative and creative solutions to our clients’ legal issues in a cost-effective matter. YK Law believes that fostering a team culture, sharing knowledge and industry expertise allow our lawyers to better advise our clients.  We approach every matter with insight and well informed of the current industry trends that influence strategy and planning, resulting in comprehensive solutions.

YK Law gives its lawyers the autonomy and freedom to determine the best approach for providing services to each client, including customized fee structuring.  By empowering our lawyers to make independent decisions regarding client service without having to “jump through the hoops” of internal bureaucracy, we believe our lawyers are at their best to deliver flexible and client-focused services.

Global Mindset

As our clients’ business is increasingly global, we also take a broader and more international approach to client service.  As a key member of the Yingke Global Network (YGN), a network of legal advisors with more than 10,000 lawyers practicing in more than 180 cities around the world, YK Law is able to extend its presence worldwide, allowing us to handle transactions of almost any magnitude anywhere.  YGN was founded by Yingke Law Firm, the largest law firm in the Asian Pacific Region, and with whom YK Law maintains a close affiliation.

Our team is always ready to provide the customized and professional legal and commercial services our clients require, whether in the U.S. or internationally through our network of offices and partnerships that span the globe. We look forward to working with you on your next venture.